Applying to UC San Diego Made Simpler

The University of California at San Diego is serving students for over 53 years now it started offering its services in 1960 and now enrolls more than 22,000 undergraduate students every year.


The university has a campus of over 1,976 acres and over 400 student organizations. It offers a range of on-campus facilities, such as a museum, aquarium, and the Large High Performance Outdoor Shake Table the largest in nation for testing building sturdiness through simulated earthquakes.

At the undergraduate level, you can find six colleges it also comes with five graduate schools, including the School of Engineering and the School of Medicine. The University is also quite renowned for its International House where you can find over 350 foreign students living together. To keep students entertained, the university administration also organize certain events and festivals, such as the Sun God Festival that features popular vendors, musicians, students booths, and a range of carnival activities for students to enjoy.

It’s a lovely place for students to learn and enjoy, and that’s probably the reason why it has enjoyed the title of the Happiest College in America the Daily Beast awarded this title to UCSD in 2010. Due to all these reasons, it is obvious to find students interested in getting a chance to study at this university. However, it is not possible for everyone to impress the admissions committee, and probably that’s the reason why only 24,792 out of 67,392 were accepted for the 2013-2014 academic year.


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